Press Conference & Workshop

Press Conference & Workshop

Cross-Border E-Commerce & Fraud

Wednesday, October 24 from 9:30 to 13:30
Representation European Commission in Belgium
Archimedesstraat 73
1000 Brussels
The European Consumer Centres (ECC’s) in 29 European countries analyzed over 31.000 consumer complaints on cross-border online shopping received in 2010-2011. The major problems reported by consumers relate to problems with the delivery and to defective products. Few complaints relate to fraud but defrauded consumers find generally no redress.

After the presentation of the report "The European Online Marketplace Consumer Complaints 2010-2011”, the ECC-Net will give the floor to fraud experts and representatives of the sector in order to find ways to prevent consumers to be trapped and to help defrauded consumers.

Time Schedule


Key data of the ECC-Net report on e-commerce
- Patricia de Bont, Director ECC Netherlands: General results and key figures
- Jolanda Girzl, Director ECC Sweden: Cross-border e-commerce and fraud
- time for questions

Typical e-commerce fraud cases in Europe and in Belgium
- Cees Schep, Fraudemeldpunt
- Peter Van Herck, FPS Economy/DG Control and Mediation
- time for questions

E-commerce fraud: How can Atos Worldline assist a victim?
- Francis Carteus, Head of Acquiring Dispute & Fraud/Dispute & Fraud Management, Atos Worldline
- time for questions

How does the European e-commerce business protects its clients against fraud?
- Susanne Czech, Secretary General Emota
- time for questions

Ending remarks

time for personal interviews

tea/coffee break


Workshop on how the ECC-Net can collaborate with fraud experts, police, credit card issuers and the sector in order to prevent consumers to be trapped and to help defrauded consumers.


Light Lunch

Practical Information

Participation: free
Working languages: English (no interpretation available), interviews in English, French and Dutch.
For additional information: Karen Mentens
T +32 2 542 33 46 - F +32 2 542 32 43 - mailto:info@eccbelgium.be


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The European Consumer Centre Belgium

The European Consumer Centre Belgium is part of an EU-wide network of 29 centres that has been established by the European Commission with the support of the Belgian FPS Economy. The Belgian ECC has been assigned to Test-Achats. The ECC-Net offers free consumer help and advice in settling cross-border consumer complaints. For more information, visit the website http://www.eccbelgium.be