Mobile calls and surfing in Europe

Nowadays mobile phones, smart phones or tablets are part of your travel kit and surfing, texting and mobile calls whilst abroad are run of the mill.

But remember that this isn’t managed by your trusted operator, but via a company in the country you are visiting. Mobile calls and surfing abroad is also referred to as roaming and can be costly.

The European Commission aims to completely eliminate these costs by 15 June 2017. Since 30 April 2016 the following maximum tariffs apply to calls and surfing in Europe:

making mobile calls   5 euro cent*
 receiving mobile calls  5 euro cent*
 per text sent  2 euro cent*
 per megabyte used**  5 euro cent*

*excluding VAT

**does the cost of your data communications exceed 50 euro? Or another amount you agreed with your operator? In that case roaming will be blocked automatically. You will receive a text message warning you when you have reached 80% of your maximum allowance.

Are you having problems whilst surfing, texting or making mobile calls in Europe? Contact ECC Belgium.

Do you own a second property abroad? And are you becoming a customer of a local provider? Then you will probably want to know whether you can pay your invoice by bank transfer or direct debit. ECC Belgium provides appropriate information.