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Your consumer rights do not stop at the border. Have you encountered difficulties after making a purchase abroad? Then consult our services for free information, advice and mediation by the European network. 

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(07/05/2021) Europe Day 2021

ECC-Net has recovered a total of over 4 million euros since the beginning of the pandemic for consumers who suffered travel cancellations or another COVID-19 related breach of their rights.

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Dishonest online sellers, they come in all shapes and forms. We take a closer look at this particular sales model for online entrepreneurs, which is also becoming more and more popular with internet fraudsters.

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European energy labels

The energy label that categorizes the energy efficiency of household appliances received an update. Did you know that all sellers, including web shops, must apply an energy label to all electric appliances?

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Travel Cancellations due to COVID-19

The European Commission considers the voluntary travel voucher an attractive alternative to a reimbursement in money.

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Your legal guarantee and your right of withdrawal: do you know the difference?

Thanks to the legal guarantee and the right of withdrawal, consumers enjoy a strong position in disputes about purchases in Europe. But do know when you should rely on one over the other?

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Low emission zones in France

Do you intend to travel to France by car? France has implemented environmental zones which you may only access with an Air Quality Certificate. Find out how to get one.

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