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09-12-20 ECC-Net Report: Cross-border car purchases - Summary

Purchasing a car, whether it is new or second-hand, can be one of the biggest, and sometimes stressful, financial decisions consumers make. EU consumers often look to other Member States to find a particular model, for better value for money, or simply for more choice, however it can be a complicated journey. ECC-Net summarized its extensive study with practical advice.

09-12-20 Paying by Internet

Buying and selling on the internet are increasing rapidly. The payment possibilities are also becoming more and more numerous. Here is an overview of the most commonly used payment methods.

09-12-20 European Payments

This brochure provides all the necessary information on how to transfer money securely to another member state. You will also find information on how to pay for purchases from another member state or when making purchases remotely, for example, on the Internet.

09-12-20 Luggage on the Airplane

This ECC leaflet summarizes your rights as an air passenger in case your luggage is delayed, damaged or lost when arriving at your destination.

09-12-20 10 ECC-Net tips on how you can avoid buying fake products on the Internet

The ECC-Net wants to show why the purchase of counterfeit goods is a bad idea. These 10 tips at a glance help to identify trustworthy webshops from others.

09-12-20 Fraud and Deception: Recognising and Reacting Swiftly

How do you recognize and avoid fraud? The best way to avoid being swindled is to learn to recognize and steer clear of deception. Using specific examples the ECC aims to show you how professional swindlers operate and what to do if you became a victim. This brochure offers tips and tricks to avoid pitfalls.