Counterfeit and piracy

Buying a counterfeit handbag abroad or picking up a copy DVD? Cheap, maybe, yes, but it could cost you dear.


In 2017, the ECC-Net published a report about the impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe. The online brochure ‘Is it safe to buy counterfeit goods’ explains why it is not a good idea to buy counterfeit and how you can avoid buying fake products on the Internet.

Good to know: not sure if the webshop you want to buy from is trustworthy? Do the Web Shop Check!

If you, as a company, want to protect you (better) from the risk of counterfeiting or have an interest in cooperation in the field of awareness of counterfeiting, please contact the Foundation No to Counterfeiting and Piracy (FR or NL) ( NANAC). The foundation is an initiative of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce (ICC Belgium) and works in close collaboration with various partners such as the FPS Economy and ECC Belgium.