Transporting your car or bike by train

A railway company should offer you the possibility to take your bike with you on the train. In addition, it is also possible to have a vehicle transported by train. If something goes wrong in this respect, you are protected as follows: 

  • Was your vehicle loaded onto the train later than planned?
    Then you have the option of cancelling the service and claiming a refund for the shipping charge you paid.
  • Are you able to prove that you suffered a loss because your car was loaded or delivered late?
    In this case, the carrier must pay compensation, which will never be higher than the shipping costs you paid.
  • Was your vehicle damaged?
    Then you will receive compensation, calculated on the value of the vehicle, but up to a maximum of 8,000 units of account, or about € 10,064.
  • Have the possessions you left in your car also been damaged?
    In this case, you can claim compensation amounting to up to 1,400 units of account, or about € 1,761.