Receiving a commercial proposal on the street or at home

European legislation obliges traders who approach you in places remote from their shop/store to provide you with specific information. Always check before signing something that you have received information on the following:

The seller must provide you with relevant accurate and comprehensible information. Have you confirmed your order? Then the seller must send you an order confirmation, which again details the above-mentioned information.

Seller’s identity

Always check that the seller’s website includes full contact data: trade name and business registration numbers, physical address and contact data (e-mail address, fax and/or phone numbers if available).

Why is this so important? To ensure that the trader is based in the European Union and that you are consequently protected by European legislation when making an off-premises purchase. Also to verify that the trader actually exists and can easily be contacted in the event of problems.

Content of your order

The seller must provide you with the following order information – before you place an order:

  • the properties of the product or service
  • the total price, including delivery and taxes
  • the contract duration and termination conditions
  • the delivery conditions such as delivery time or start of the service you have ordered and, where applicable, delivery limitations

Are you purchasing a digital product (i.e. an e-book, an app for a smartphone or tablet, an online game, music or a film)? The seller must provide information on the functionalities and compatibility of the most commonly used software and appliances.

The terms and conditions of sale

Similar to online vendors, door-to-door or street sellers are not obliged to apply general terms and conditions. They must, however, provide you with specific legal information, including:

The contract start date

In Belgium, you are bound by a contract as soon as you accept the content of the sale (i.e. product or service) and relevant price. You don’t necessarily have to have paid to be bound by a contract made through a source other than a retail outlet.

Payment methods

Negotiate so you don't have to pay on the spot if you buy something on the street or on your doorstep.

Preferably use a credit card and avoid using debit cards or cash payments. This will give you better protection in the event of problems (fraud, no delivery, bankruptcy, etc.) as you can claim a repayment via your credit card issuer.

Did you change your mind? You have a withdrawal period of 14 days to cancel your purchase, no reason required. Refer to our information in the section entitled "Cancelling an off-premises purchase".

Good to know: these provisions do not apply to sales of food, drinks and other everyday household goods, physically delivered by a company, during frequent and regular visits to the consumer’s home, place of residence or work.