Returning your online purchase to the seller

Did your online order not arrive as expected or are you not happy with your purchase? In both cases, barring a few exceptions, you can send the goods back to the seller.

In both cases, subject to a few exceptions, the product can be returned to the seller.

What do I need to consider when returning a purchase?

  1. Never return the parcel without prior approval from the seller. In principle, the seller will collect a non-compliant or damaged delivery.
  2. Comply with any procedures imposed by the seller. Specifically ask for them.
  3. Check that the return address is correct: the head office and warehouse may be at different locations. Not sure? Contact the trader.
  4. If you are returning a purchase, please observe the return period of 14 days from receipt of the information concerning the returns procedure from the seller.
  5. Choose a secure dispatch method and retain any proof.
  6. Pack the goods with due care, preferably using the original packaging. Although this is not mandatory, even if it concerns a return under warranty.

Who pays the return shipping costs?

That depends upon the reason for the return.

  • If the delivery is not in accordance with the order, the seller must cover the return costs.

  • If you are returning the package because the content was not to your liking, you will have to pay the return shipping costs, unless the seller did not provide unequivocal information regarding this aspect before you placed the order. In practice, numerous online retailers offer free returns.

Good to know: Are you sending a parcel within the EU? This comparison module will enable you to compare prices for letters and parcels between 500 g and 5 kg from different parcel delivery services.

Who is responsible for lost or damaged returns?

That depends:

  • If the merchant offered free returns, e.g. by providing a prepaid returns label, they are responsible and must refund you.

  • If you have arranged the return yourself, you should contact the parcel service provider, who will reimburse you in accordance with their conditions. Are you returning an expensive purchase? Remember that refunds from carriers, as stipulated in their terms and conditions, are usually fairly limited. In such cases you should return the product with appropriate insurance cover. Always retain the returns receipt.

For further details please refer to ‘Buying online: what if the return does not arrive or arrives damaged at the web shop? Who bears the financial risk?’ (only available in Dutch and French).)