Consumer news


06-06-23 Pharmaxx

You think to order a free sample, but in reality you subscribe to a paid subscription. Read our tips.

06-12-22 New consumer rules in 2022: an overview

New consumer rules concerning the legal warranty, digital content and services, unfair practices and online marketplaces have been in effect since the beginning of this year. Please click for the latest updates.

28-09-22 Online reviews: can they be trusted?

How can you determine whether a web shop can be trusted? Checking online reviews is an excellent start. Unfortunately reviews can also sometimes be manipulated. Here are the good reflexes to decode them.

13-07-22 Holiday 2022: a summer overshadowed by flight cancellations and delays

Are flight cancellations or delays caused by strikes or shortages of airline staff jeopardising your travel plans? These are your rights!


22-09-21 Online Payments: most important rules

Online payments are now more secure than ever thanks to the mandatory use of two-factor authentication. But what exactly does this mean?


01-07-21 Travel to and from Belgium

Since 1 July it has been easier to travel within the EU thanks to the Covid certificate. Many countries work with colour codes. What are the rules?

25-05-21 Question of the month

My flight was cancelled by COVID-19 almost twelve months ago and I am still waiting for a refund. What can I do?