The Belgian European Consumer Centre uses cookies on the website to explore how we can optimize the website and make it even more user-friendly. We do this by analyzing the use of the website by visitors through cookies.

Cookies also make it possible for logged-in users of social media to share certain information from the website of the European Consumer Centre directly with other users.

What are cookies?

Cookie is a small, simple text file that we place through our website on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit our website. The website instructs the Web browser that allows you to view sites (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox) to save these cookies on the hard disk of your computer.

There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are deleted by your browser after the closing of the browser. Permanent cookies remain on your computer, even after closing your Web browser. Cookies do not damage your computer or the files on your computer.

Why does the European Consumer Centre use cookies?

Our website uses cookies of third parties (Google) to better understand the use of our website by visitors like you. This is anonymous information. With the cookies we do not identify individuals, but only computers. We collect no personal information about you and we don’t provide any information to third parties.

Which cookies?

Below you will find a list of cookies and their function which are used on our website. The names of the cookies correspond to the files that are placed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Which Cookies?  How long will the Cookie be saved?  What does the cookie do? 
ASP.NET_Sessionld  Until the end of the session Given that the website is constructed in the Microsoft.NET , this cookie is a tandardcookie which is used to guarantee the functionality of the website. No personal data is stored.
Google Analytics
2 year
30 minutes
Until the end of the session
6 months
These cookies collect anonymous information about how you use our site as a visitor. The goal is to improve our website and better meet the needs of visitors. We collect no personal data from the cookies about you.

Cookies for social media

You can share information from the website of the European Consumer Centre through social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. There are some special buttons added on our site. However, the buttons only work if the appropriate social media parties can place a website-exceeding cookie. Through the cookie the social media party recognizes the private user, making it possible for the logged in user of the social medial to instantly share the information. If you visit the website of the European Consumer Centre, a social media cookie is only posted if you click the appropriate button.

See the cookie statements of the social media parties (which change regularly) for more information about the social media cookies:

How can I turn off cookies?

You can choose to manually block cookies through your browser. You can block specific cookies and websites or all cookies from all websites that you visit. This can cause websites to work slower or even not at all. Please consult the manual of your browser for more information: