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Your consumer rights don't stop at borders. Do you have a problem with a purchase made in another European Member State? Turn to the ECC Belgium and its European network for free information, advice and mediation services.

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In the spotlight

(20/06/2019) Geo-blocking

Consumers can buy from any European web store, but often they are not aware that these web stores are not obliged to deliver anywhere in Europe.

Winning a holiday?

But what if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be? Travelers testify that they are being taken in tow to artisanal companies that convince them to buy using aggressive and misleading selling techniques.

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The Italian competition authority AGCM finds Italian telecoms operators guilty because they refused payments from an account with a non-Italian IBAN.

Do the Web Shop Check

Are you sure the web shop you want to buy from is trustworthy? Check it now with this tool from ECC Belgium.

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Calculate your compensation

Has your flight been delayed, overbooked or even cancelled? Or have you experienced problems with your luggage? Using this tool you will find out whether you are entitled to compensation.

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