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Do you live in Belgium and have a question or complaint about a purchase that you made or want to make from a company established in another EU member state, Norway, Iceland or the United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Good to know: An amicable solution can only be achieved if the both sides cooperate. We cannot oblige a company to give a positive response.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are receiving an exceptional number of questions and complaints. The processing time of your request may take up to several weeks or even more than a month.

If you have questions about the consequences of the coronavirus on your consumer rights, you might be able to find your answer in our responses to the most frequently asked questions. Please note that the FAQ is currently only available in Dutch and French. For an English translation, you could rely on Google’s translate function.

Your issue hasn't been resolved? Please contact us by phone or by question or complaint form. 

How to obtain advise from ECC Belgium?

Contacting us with your queries is simple!

Step 1. Fill in the form that applies to your situation and add all relevant information. 

Please upload the following documents (maximum 8) if possible (preferably in pdf/doc/docx/jpg/png, no screenshot made with smartphone):

  • confirmation of purchase or reservation
  • proof of payment
  • your correspondence with the opposing party ( providing your correspondence in a single document and in chronological order will make it easier for our legal advisors to help you)
  • your bank details (IBAN and BIC), if you require a refund
  • other documents you deem useful

Step 2. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt with a reference number.

Do you wish to add anything to your file? Then reply to this acknowledgement of receipt without changing the subject line. That way, everything you send us will be automatically added to your file.

If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact us by phone.

Step 3. ECC Belgium will start working on your question or complaint.

We will analyse your problem as soon as possible so we can inform you about your rights and how to enforce them against the opposing party. Do you have trouble reaching a solution on your own? Then we can try to find an amicable solution through our colleagues in the network. Know that our colleagues will reappraise your file in light of the applicable law and their experience with the trader. If necessary, they will contact the opposing party or refer you to an out-of-court dispute resolution body.

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