Submitting a complaint to the ECC

ECC Belgium will investigate whether your rights as a consumer have indeed been violated, provide legal advice and try to reach an amicable solution with assistance from its colleagues within the ECC-Net network. This can be done by directly contacting the counterparty or by referring you to a body that deals with extrajudicial dispute resolution. Our services are entirely free of charge.

When should you use our services?

Do you meet the following conditions?

  • You are resident in Belgium.
  • Your complaint relates to a commercial enterprise in another EU member state, Norway or Iceland.
  • You bought a product or service from this trader as a consumer (not a VAT registered company).
  • Where possible, you have already notified the trader of your problem.

How to submit a complaint to ECC Belgium?

ECC Belgium needs to set up a complete, structured dossier in order to examine your rights as a consumer. Please complete the online complaints form, including any necessary documentation such as:

  • proof of purchase or reservation
  • proof of payment
  • relevant correspondence with the other party (provide a document with a chronological record, which makes things a lot easier for our lawyers) 
  • your international bank data (IBAN and BIC), if you are seeking a refund
  • do you feel that other documentation would be useful in order to execute your rights as a consumer? Feel free to include them in the appendix.

Is the form complete? Than push the send button on page 1.

Remember: This complaint form is made available to the ECC network by the European Commission. It can only be used in Internet Explorer! So do not use Google Chrome or any other browser to open this form. If you don’t have Internet Explorer, but version 8 or higher of Acrobat Reader? Then save the form on your computer and open it using Acrobat. We apologize for the technical inconvenience.

Complete your complaint form

Do you have any further questions? Download our manual.

How will ECC Belgium deal with your complaint?

Once the form has been submitted, you will receive confirmation of receipt, together with your reference number, within one week. Make a note of this number and use it every time you contact us. 

The confirmation of receipt indicates that your dossier has been allocated to one of our lawyers, who will contact you as soon as they have studied it. If the dossier is justified and complete, it will be forwarded to the ECC organisation based in the trader’s member state. They will contact the trader with a view to finding an amicable solution, or they may refer you to a body dealing with extrajudicial dispute resolution. 

For more information on the activities of ECC Belgium and its partners, please refer to the ‘About the ECC’ section. 

Do you have a question relating to your rights as a consumer? Please do not hesitate to contact ECC Belgium.