Problems with delivery?

Have you confirmed and paid for your order? Then all you can do is wait for delivery of your online purchase. Unfortunately, this does not always go according to plan:

Some general tips on returning your parcel if you received the wrong parcel or if it was damaged.

My parcel has not arrived

The delivery of your online purchase must be completed within the term stated in the sale agreement. This is normally thirty days.

Is this not the case? Communicate a new (reasonable) delivery term to the seller, preferably via e-mail. Does the trader not meet the new delivery term? In that case, you can terminate the contract and request a full refund.

You have not received anything, but the seller claims to have indeed delivered (to a neighbour, on your doorstep, ...)? As the sender of your package, it is the seller's responsibility to prove that he delivered the package to you. Otherwise, the delivery must be considered as not having been made and you are entitled to a new delivery or a full refund.

Please note, the conditions of certain transport companies such as Post NL state that they can deliver to a neighbour. Other transport companies give you the option to sign a deposit consent. The package will then simply be left at your home. Consider in advance whether these are good options for you based on the location of your home and any risk of theft. If not, notify the seller in writing before ordering.

The parcel is delivered to your neighbour

The courier is not allowed to deliver your parcel to your neighbour, unless you gave express permission for this in advance. The terms and conditions of many delivery services include a provision that allows this practice, but such a provision is unlawful.

If you cannot be home during delivery hours, then you can ask the courier to deliver your parcel to a pick-up point, where you can collect it at your leisure.

Good to know: you do not have to accept delivery your neighbour’s parcels. Your neighbours risk losing their legal rights should issues arise that were not properly notified upon delivery. While you might be tempted to do so to help out your neighbour, you might end up costing them money instead.

The parcel is left at my front door, or in the garden

If you did not give permission for the courier to leave your parcel at a designated place at your front door or in your garden, then they should not do so. In practice however, this mode of delivery is common.

Note that it is up to the seller to prove that the parcel was delivered correctly. The seller is also responsible in case of damage or loss until you have taken physical possession of the goods.

I received the wrong parcel

You’ve probably at some point opened a parcel to find that it contained the wrong item.

In such cases, you are entitled to request a replacement. You are backed by European legislation on conformity guarantees. The seller must pay for any costs involved, including the shipping costs for replacement goods and the return shipping for the faulty goods. Discover these helpful tips for returning your goods in the case of a non-conformity.

Is it not possible to exchange an article, e.g. because it is not in stock? Or can your online purchase not be delivered within a reasonable time frame? State that you want to cancel your order and request a full refund of the purchase price and delivery cost.

The contents of the parcel are damaged

The seller is responsible for any damage to your online order during delivery, even if the damage was caused by the courier. The seller cannot just refer you on to the courier.

But remember: if you accept the delivery, the seller will no longer be liable for the damage. In other words: have you (or someone on your behalf) accepted the parcel? In that case, you have accepted its present condition. It will be difficult to get a refund from the seller for damages you have identified later on, such as scratches, tears or marks.

How to avoid this?

  1. Ask the courier to wait while you check your parcel. Is it damaged? Refuse to accept it. Or accept it provisionally and note your comments on the delivery note.
  2. Take photographs of the damaged packaging.
  3. Immediately contact the seller in writing – by e-mail or registered post. And request a credit note or refund.

The seller refuses to deliver

Thanks to the European Geoblocking regulation, an online store from a different EU Member State can no longer refuse your order based on your nationality, place of residence, or place of establishment. But that does not mean every online store is obligated to deliver everywhere in the European Union. You might have to organize delivery yourself, or pick up the goods in person at an agreed-upon pick-up point.

Read more about geoblocking.

Returning a parcel

Are you returning a parcel to the seller that contains the wrong or a damaged item and the seller doesn't take care of its pickup? Remember these tips to return your package.

Did the delivery run smoothly? But have you changed your mind about the purchase? Find out what your options are.

More information about your right of withdrawal, the legal guarantee, and the difference between these two rights can be found here.