In the spotlight

Travel Cancellations due to COVID-19
11-06-20 - The European Commission considers the voluntary travel voucher an attractive alternative to a reimbursement in money.
Coronavirus and your consumer rights in Europe
10-06-20 - COVID-19 has destabilized our daily lives. Do you have questions about your consumer rights in Europe during these challenging times? We guide you to the answers.
Your legal guarantee and your right of withdrawal: do you know the difference?
21-04-20 - Thanks to the legal guarantee and the right of withdrawal, consumers enjoy a strong position in disputes about purchases in Europe. But do know when you should rely on one over the other?
Calendar 2020
22-11-19 - 2020 will be a special year for the network of ECC’s. We celebrate 15 years of existance! The special edition of this calendar is made in collaboration with our smallest ECC fans. Fill in the order form and it will be sent free of charge.
Thomas Cook and Neckermann Belgium collapse
25-09-19 - The Belgian Travel Guarantee Fund, GFG, has noted the financial insolvency of the Belgian branch of Thomas Cook / Neckermann. Are you affected? Find out what you can do.
Belgian LEZ: offenders are subject to severe fines
22-05-19 - Entering an low emission zone without appropriate authorisation may result in a severe fine. The rule applies also to tourists driving an internationally registered car!
WOW Air declares bankruptcy
22-05-19 - The Icelandic airline WOW Air has been declared bankrupt. All flights run by this airline have been cancelled. Are you affected by this? Find out what you are entitled to.
Flybmi is insolvent
06-03-19 - The British airline flybmi has gone bankrupt. Have you booked any flights with flybmi? These are your rights.
Bankruptcy Athleteshop
04-07-18 - On 2 July 2018 the court declared the bankruptcy of the Dutch webshop Athleteshop. Did you make a purchase but the order hasn’t been delivered? The ECC gives you advice on what to do.
Calendar 2018
29-11-17 - Bye bye our famous cube. Our calendar got a new look and format: you hang it on the wall or keep it at hand? In any case, it offers a clear overview of your appointments in 2018. Order it for free.