Fight against fraud

ECC Belgium fights against fraud. We inform and raise awareness among consumers, and we provide them with tools, such as the WebshopCheck, to prevent scams. But the real fight against scams is in the hands of the enforcement services and specialist organisations.

To learn more about the fight against fraud, you can turn to various government departments and private organisations. Below are the main players, as well as some tips for interesting television programmes and reports about common scams.

Relevant government agencies

  • The economic inspection department of the FPS Finance investigates the most common scams and is the contact point for reporting scams.
  • The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium set up the Safeonweb website. It provides fast and easy access to accurate information and advice on computer security. The website also lists the major current digital threats and shares tips on online safety. You’ll find details of the latest phishing trends, for example.
  • The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns of companies and individuals that are offering credit, investment products or investment services in Belgium without proper authorisation. You can contact the FSMA with complaints about fraudulent investments in cryptocurrencies.
  • Several services focus on fraudulent internet purchases and counterfeit products:

Specialist organisations

  • Mediawijs: the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Media Literacy
  • Scamadviser
  • Trustpilot
  • No to Counterfeit: this organisation fights against counterfeit products and is an initiative of the Belgian government, ECC Belgium and several private partners.

Educational programmes

Would you like to get better at recognising scams? These programmes take a closer look and give examples of several current scams: