Bankruptcy Athleteshop

Last updated on 04-07-18.

A few tips to try to get your money back

On 2 July 2018 the court declared the bankruptcy of the Dutch webshop Athleteshop. Did you make a purchase but the order hasn’t been delivered? The ECC gives you advice on what to do.

Contact the liquidator

His contact information:

BENK Advocaten
Mijnheer P.T. Bakker
Postbus 9420
NL – 9703 LP Groningen

You can send your claim by regular post or by email to [email protected] or via the registration form on the website of the liquidator. Don’t forget to attach a copy of all relevant documents. For example the order confirmation, the proof of payment and all correspondence.

Unfortunately, in case of a bankruptcy, chances are very small that you will get your money back.

Claim back your money from the credit card issuer

Did you make a purchase online and pay by credit card? In such cases you will be entitled to claim your money back via the charge back procedure.

Do you have questions about the bankruptcy procedure of Athleteshop? Please contact our legal advisors.