Coronavirus and your consumer rights in Europe

Last updated on 12-02-20.

COVID-19 has destabilized our daily lives. Airplanes remain grounded. Countries have adopted travel restrictions. Restaurants are forced to close their doors. Events are cancelled…

Since the start of the corona-pandemic, the ECC-Net has been inundated with questions like: “What are my rights if…

  • my flight is cancelled?”
  • my package holiday is cancelled?”
  • I want to cancel my hotel reservation?”
  • the concert I booked tickets for was postponed?”
  • I would like to return an online purchase during the cooling-off period?”

If you have questions, you might be able to find your answer in our responses to the most frequently asked questions. Please note that the FAQ is currently only available in Dutch and French. For an English translation, you could rely on Google’s translate function.

If you did not find the answer to your question, you can contact our legal service (02 542 33 46 or using our contact form). Our services are free of charge.

Please note that due to an extraordinarily high volume of COVID-19-related questions, our case handling time may be longer than usual, and might even exceed a full month. We are trying our best to reply to you in a correct and timely manner. We thank you for your understanding.

Are you planning to travel? Here are some tips

  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions (currently available in Dutch and French)

  • If you were offered a voucher after the cancellation of your travel ticket or package holiday, you could read our article on COVID-19 vouchers to find out more about your rights.

  • If your travel agent or tour operator has not cancelled your reservation and you would prefer not to travel, then you should consult the Terms and Conditions of your contract. If a full reimbursement is not possible, you should first try to find a compromise solution. For example, you could ask for credit or a voucher, that can be used for a future journey.

  • If you opted to take travel insurance, you should contact your insurer and ask under which circumstances you are covered, if you cancel because of COVID-19.

Last update: 10/06/2020