Flybmi ceases operation

Last updated on 21-02-19.

British Midland Regional Limited (flybmi) is insolvent. All flights have been cancelled. Are you affected by the collapse of flybmi? These are your options.

Have you booked your flight direct with flybmi or with a travel firm?

If you have paid for the tickets on a credit card, then you are advised to contact your card provider to obtain a chargeback.

Did you pay in another way, eg with a debit card, or does the issuer of your credit card refuse to refund the ticket price? Submit a request to the curator: [email protected]. Unfortunately, there's not much of a chance that you get your money back in case of a bankruptcy.

Have you already flown and are you stranded abroad? Passengers who have already travelled will need to make their own arrangements to return home. Some airlines are offering flybmi passengers ‘rescue fares’.

If you booked an alternative flight for your cancelled flybmi flight, this flight will unfortunately not be reimbursed.

Have you booked a flight with a code share?

If you have booked through a code share partner you should contact them directly for assistance. The company’s code share partners are Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Loganair, Air France and Air Dolomiti.

Have you booked on a package holiday including flybmi flights?

Contact the tour operator. He is obliged to arrange alternative transport at no additional cost. Even though you are now stranded on your travel destination.

Travel Insurance

If you have appropriate cover through your travel insurance you can make a claim this way. But chances of getting your money back are slim. Travel insurances usually don’t cover claims due to the insolvency of an airline.