Unsolicited supply of goods or services

Did you receive something that you did not order and that you now have to pay? This is known as unsolicited supply of goods or inertia selling!

Telesales is no less free from this kind of misleading trading practice. An example: a vendor exploits all his/her charm when offering you a free puzzle book. You do not know exactly who or what to thank for that, yet you still say yes. It would have been better not to do that, for all too quickly it seems that you have signed up to a monthly subscription beyond your knowledge.

Misleading trading practices like these arise among dealers in underwear, everyday table wine (sold at grand-cru prices) and travel (a free trip in return for your payment of the administration charges).

What does the law say?

The legal sanction resulting from inertia selling is very clear: you do not have to pay and you do not have to return the product.

Our advice: write to the vendor to confirm that you have not ordered anything and thus have no intention to pay or to return anything.