Misled? What to do now

Victim of misleading practices? ECC Belgium gives you a few tips:

  1. Contact the vendor, ideally in writing and try to find a solution together:
    1. Explain that you do not agree to the purchase; 
    2. Say why you feel misled or pressured (for example, for internet purchases by attaching a print-screen); 
    3. Clearly request the cancellation of the purchase, the repayment or a compensation; 
    4. Set a time-limit within which you expect an answer.
  2. Did you buy by mail order, telephone or online? Or outside the undertaking of the dealer? Then you have a right of withdrawal: you can cancel your purchase within 14 days. If you choose to do this, contact the vendor in writing within this time-limit stating that you wish to withdraw from your purchase and recuperate your money.

  3. Failed to find a solution with the dealer? Then approach:
    1. The European Centre for the Consumer, if the vendor and yourself are resident in a different member state of the European Union (or in Norway, or Iceland);
    2. The Consumer Mediation Service or Belgian consumer organisation ‘Test Aankoop/Test Achats’, if the vendor and yourself are resident in Belgium.
  4. Did you pay by credit card? Dispute your payment through the issuer of your credit card. Find more details about this under the heading ‘reclaiming money after error, theft or fraud’.