Do you feel that you have been treated unfairly – similar to other consumers? Approach the court as a group, using the class actions or collective redress procedure.

Stronger together

Since September 2014, injured parties can approach the courts in Belgium as a group. Relevant conditions?

  • You have all incurred damages as a result of the same issue.
  • Your interests are being defended by a group representative who complies with the appropriate legal requirements (e.g. a consumer organisation).

The Belgian court must be authorised to deal with your complaint. This type of collective redress procedure also exists in other countries. Check what is feasible, e.g. via ECC Belgium.

It is advisable to collect relevant information from other victims as soon as possible. For example, has your flight been cancelled? Discuss your proposal for collective redress immediately with other passengers.

The website of the FPS Economy provides more detailed information on the procedure in French and Dutch.