Press releases

Unfortunately, only some of our press releases are available in English. Feel free to consult more press releases in Dutch and French.

(20/11/2020) Support to more than 1 million European consumers: ECC-Net celebrates 15 years of cross-border consumer protection
What to do when your flight to Poland is cancelled? When the handbag you bought in Italy is damaged? When you are caught in a subscription trap? Since its creation, the European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) has assisted more than one million consumers with issues like these. In the context of COVID-19 outbreak alone, over 90,0000 consumers turned to ECC-Net for help. Today, the Network celebrates its 15th anniversary.
(20/06/2019) Geo-blocking
Consumers can buy from any European web store, but often they are not aware that these web stores are not obliged to deliver anywhere in Europe.
(07/05/2018) 25 years of Europe for Consumers
The European market is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. For Europe Day on May 9th, the ECC-Net reviews some of the most important changes of the quarter century in the field of consumption.
(14/03/2017) The impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe
At this special occasion, the ECC-Net launches its report on the impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe and publishes 10 tips on how to avoid bying counterfeit on the Internet.