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09-12-20 Enhanced Consumer Protection – the Services Directive 2006/123/EC

European consumers still face discrimination based on nationality or place of residence., reveals this ECC-Net study published in November 2013. These practices constitute a breach of the Service Directive 2006/123/EG.

09-12-20 On holiday in Europe. Your rights before, during and after your holiday

This brochure aims to inform travelers about their rights. It consists of 4 main chapters: 1. Booking the holiday, 2. Transport, 3. At the holiday destination and 4. Complaints.

Unfortunately, this brochure is not up to date in terms of roaming, complaints and some other details. You will find the most up-to-date information on our website at the 'Travel' section.

09-12-20 ECC-Net 10 Years Anniversary Report

This anniversary report throws light on the achievements of the European Consumers Network during the past 10 years and turns the spotlights on all 30 ECC's.

09-12-20 ECC-Net Report: Air Passenger Rights: Consumer Complaints 2006

The ECC-Net received 4901 information requests and complaints from air passengers in 2006. This number almost doubled compared to 2004. ECC-Net analysed these requests and complaints in this study and formulates recommendations based on its conclusions.

09-12-20 ECC-Net Annual Report 2013

The European Consumer Centres offer advice to an increasing number of consumers. In 2013, 80 000 consumers asked the ECC-Net for advice and assistance, an increase with 11,1% compared to 2012. The transport sector in general was the source of the most complaints (29,5%). Household equipment and maintenance went to number two (11,8%).

09-12-20 ECC-Net report: The impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe

How does counterfeit impact online consumer rights? What are the risks of buying counterfeit on the Internet and which tips should consumers in Europe adopt to avoid unpleasant surprises by purchasing these products? With its report ECC-Net wants to empower all parties, from traders to authorities but especially consumers who shop online.

09-12-20 ECC-Net Report: Timeshare

This report is the outcome of the ECC-Net Joint Project on timeshare and related products such as Holiday Clubs. European Directive 2008/122/EC has established higher protection regarding these types of contracts. ECC-Net evaluates the changes in the timeshare market.

09-12-20 ECC-Net Report: Timeshare - 10 tips

ECC-Net regularly hears from unhappy consumers who feel they have been trapped by hard-sell techniques into a long-term contract for holiday accommodations that they do not really need. ECC-Net lists 10 tips to avoid timeshare traps.

09-12-20 'ECC-Net: Travel' app

This App is designed to be a companion for when you travel. It can help overcome difficult situations and assist in exercising your consumer rights in 25 languages and 30 countries.

It can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

09-12-20 ECC-Net Report: ECC-Net Air Passenger Rights Report 2011. In the aftermath of the Volcanic Ash Crisis

The ECC-Net received 59% more complaints relating to European passenger rights in 2010 than in 2009. This report analyses these complaints and shows that the volcanic ash cloud tested airlines on their implementation of passenger rights.