Proof of purchase

You should always ask for a receipt (proof of purchase) when buying something as an individual in a shop/store. You will need this document to claim your rights in the event of problems. For example, to invoke your legal 2-year guarantee

Nevertheless, your options to ask for a receipt depend on the specific situation:

  • The product or service bought in the store is delivered immediately.
  • You pay a deposit on the product or service in the store and it will be delivered at a later date.
  • You visit a store to ask for a quote. 

Immediate delivery in the store

Are you buying a product that is immediately available off the shelf or asking for a service to be carried out on site? The seller has no legal obligation to provide you with a receipt. Except in specific cases:

  • sale, maintenance or repair of a car or motorbike, when the invoice amount exceeds 125 euros including VAT, 
  • hire purchase,
  • contracting agreement in the construction sector,
  • purchase of goods intended for the construction of a new building,
  • removal or storage services,
  • ...

Does the seller not readily provide you with a receipt? Ask for one before leaving the store.

Proof of purchase in the event of delivery at a later date

Did you order a product or service in store to be delivered at a later date? Did you have to pay a deposit? The seller must provide you with a receipt indicating:

  • the name, company registration number and address of the company,
  • the date and order number,
  • a description of the product or service,
  • the unit price, number of items and total amount,
  • the deposit paid,
  • the balance to be paid,
  • the delivery date or duration,
  • a signature.

Proof of purchase with request for quotation

Would you like something to be repaired in the store or would you like a repair to be carried out elsewhere? In such cases, it may be difficult to determine the cost in advance. It will require a closer inspection by the seller.

When a price has been determined, the seller must prepare a written quotation containing the following information:

  • the name, company registration number and address of the company,
  • a detailed description of the work to be carried out,
  • the cost established or calculated on the basis of specific criteria linked to the nature of the operations,
  • the date and validity term of the quotation,
  • an estimate of the duration of the operations.

The seller is entitled to charge for preparing a quotation, but must inform you explicitly of the charge beforehand.