Cancelling an online subscription

Did you take out a subscription online? And do you want to cancel this subscription after your fourteen-day cancellation period? In that case, the options available to you depend on the type of subscription. Is the subscription open-ended or for a specific period?

Cancelling an open-ended subscription

The seller must stipulate in his general terms and conditions how you can cancel your subscription.

Do you want to cancel an open-ended subscription? You should take into account a reasonable notice period (maximum two to three months), during which you will not be charged.

Always make sure that you have proof. It is advisable, therefore, to cancel your subscription in writing by e-mail or registered letter.

Cancelling a subscription for a specific period of time

Do you have a subscription for a specific period of time that you want to cancel early? This is only possible if your contract specifically provides this option.

Cancelling a subscription for a specific period of time will usually be at a considerable cost to you. Check in the terms and conditions how you can cancel and how much it will cost.

Be vigilant about tacit extensions of your subscription

Contracts for specific periods of time often include a tacit extension clause, which means that the contract is automatically renewed on the expiry date if you didn’t remember to cancel your subscription.

However, the seller must draw your attention to this clause before you enter into an agreement. Did the seller fail to do this? In that case, the automatic renewal of your subscription is illegal and you can claim back any charges and still cancel the subscription.

Moreover, is your contract with a trader who focuses on the Belgian market? Once automatically renewed, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You will not have to pay damages and your notice period will never exceed two months.

Further questions about your subscription? Do not hesitate to contact the ECC. Or check our other recommendations on cancelling your purchase.