Information for commercial enterprises

Looking for advice and information on the European internal market?

Contact the Enterprise Europe Network, a network that provides companies with legal, financial, scientific, etc. support.

Are you interested in setting up a business abroad? Europe upholds free movement of services. If you need legal information, contact one of the points of contact in the member states. In Belgium, this is: [email protected]

Problems with public administration abroad?

Are you, as a European enterprise, involved in a conflict with a public administration in another EU member state? Or do you question the application of internal European market rules by a foreign public administration? In that case, contact SOLVIT. This European network deals with complaints concerning foreign public administrations from private individuals and commercial enterprises.

Question about justice in Europe?

Visit the European e-Justice portal for detailed information on civil, criminal and administrative law and the judicial systems in EU member states.

The e-service will provide you, as a European enterprise, with practical answers to questions such as: how do I find a lawyer or notary? Which courts should I approach? In which member state?

It also provides access to European insolvency registers and useful information on European and national business registers.

Find out who to approach with your questions as a consumer.