Information for private individuals

Do you, as a European citizen, have a specific question?

Find out more about what the EU and European organisations are doing in the field of consumers rights.

  • ECC-Net - European network for legal advice and assistance for consumers with complaints about foreign traders.
  • Your Europe - for extensive legal information on your rights and options within the EU and its internal market, especially practical advice on how you can enforce these rights.
  • Your Europe Advice - body of expert legal advisers throughout Europe who will provide assistance if you cannot find what your are looking for at Your Europe (see above).
  • FIN-NET - European network for consumer complaints relating to financial service providers such as banks, insurance and investment companies.
  • Contact points for cross-border services - Were you discriminated against when purchasing a product or service because of your nationality or place of residence? As a result of the European Services Directive, every member state now has a point of contact where businesses and consumers can obtain legal information on services provided in or outside the country. In Belgium, this is: [email protected].
  • The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) - federation of more than 40 national and independent consumer organisations in Europe, which defends the interests of consumers when dealing with European institutions.
  • European Community of Consumer Cooperatives – European community which centralises and communicates information on economic developments, consumer policy and the rights of its members (consumer co-operatives) and the consumer.

Problems with public administration abroad?

Are you, as a European citizen, involved in a conflict with a public administration in another EU member state? Or do you question the application of internal European market rules by a foreign public administration? In that case, contact SOLVIT. This European network deals with complaints concerning foreign public administrations from private individuals and commercial enterprises.

Question about justice in Europe?

Visit the European e-Justice portal for detailed information on civil, criminal and administrative law and the judicial systems in EU member states.

The e-service will provide practical answers to questions such as: How do I find a lawyer or notary? Which courts should I approach? In which member state? Etc.

Also check where you can find information specific to commercial enterprises.