(Invisible) toll roads in Europe

In some countries you have to pay to use the roads.

In Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland, for instance, you have to prove with a toll vignette on your windscreen or by digital means that you have paid the toll.

In other countries, such as France, Italy, Portugal and Spain, you pay according to the kilometres driven on the motorways and the type of vehicle (e.g. motorcycle, car, campervan). You pay this ‘péage’ at a tollbooth by credit card, cash or sometimes electronically.

Caution: those countries also have ‘invisible’ toll roads without tollbooths or barriers. Cameras record your number plate. You risk a fine if you don’t pay.

In France you can recognise those motorways by the sign ‘Péage Flux Libre’. You can pay online at one of the payment terminals along the route or with an electronic toll badge that you buy beforehand. Examples: Bip&Go and Fulli.

You can find a list of toll roads per country in Europe on the website of Touring (French & Dutch). The VAB (French & Dutch) also gives information about the rules that apply at your travel destination.