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Your consumer rights do not stop at the border. Have you encountered difficulties after making a purchase abroad? Then consult our services for free information, advice and mediation by the European network. 

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Purchases after 1 June 2022

Did you purchase something from a European trader for private use on or after 1 June 2022? If so, you are entitled to a two-year legal guarantee and in that case the new guarantee rules apply. The rules are as follows.

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Digital content and services

Do you ever download or stream movies? Are you active on social media? This type of digital content and services has been subject to new rules since June 2022. We have analysed them in fine detail on your behalf.

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Flight brought forward, now what?

Has your flight been brought forward by more than an hour? According to the European Court of Justice, you then have the same rights as provided for by the European legislator in the event of a canceled flight.

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Online Payments: most important rules

Online payments are now more secure than ever thanks to the mandatory use of two-factor authentication. But what exactly does this mean?

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Spare parts and repairs

Expensive household appliances that fail too quickly? If so, you would want to repair them or have them repaired. Right? You are entitled to a repair, up to 7 to 10 years after purchase.

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Returning a parcel

Did you receive the wrong goods or are you unsatisfied with your purchase? In both cases, barring a few exceptions, you can send the goods back to the seller. Remember these tips.

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Ordering outside the EU

Have you found a bargain at a British, American, Chinese or other web shop outside the EU? From 1 July 2021 new European customs rules will apply. Find out more.

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Buying or selling through second-hand platforms

Find out how to buy and sell safely on online second-hand platforms and what you need to remember to do.

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Dishonest online sellers, they come in all shapes and forms. We take a closer look at this particular sales model for online entrepreneurs, which is also becoming more and more popular with internet fraudsters.

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