Working professionally to reach amicable solutions while ensuring transparency, impartiality and confidentiality for consumers and traders

We do our best to make sure that consumers receive the adequate information, advice or assistance. We put them at the centre of our operations as we actively strive to anticipate their needs and deliver the most accurate information or services.

We provide clear and accurate information. We are committed to responding quickly to requests, and to direct consumers to the right interlocutors. As individual Centres and as a Network, we relentlessly seek ways to improve the quality of our services.

We always make clear to consumers or traders what can and what cannot be done. We are fully transparent about our processes when analysing cases and providing recommendations. In all cases, we provide complete legal justification.

This is a matter of fairness and credibility: we do not take sides. We seek to establish truth about the legislation, how to understand it, and how to find a compromise which is fair and acceptable for both parties.

We make sure to preserve and protect the confidentiality of all data and communications.