Our mission

Increasing trust in EU cross-border commerce

The mission of the European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) is to provide free help and advice for consumers across the EU, Norway and Iceland, for those having problems with cross-border purchases.

Fundamentally we contribute to enabling consumers to better understand and assert their rights as European citizens, and make the most of Europe's Internal Market.

Our mission is to make sure that cross-border commercial legislation is properly understood and respected. As such, it is a two-way process, as we also aim at increasing awareness of consumer rights among traders too. In practical terms, we help them to ensure that their products, services and practices meet all legal requirements when dealing with foreign consumers.

In the case of disputes between consumers and traders, ECC-Net aims at finding compromises and establish relationships based on trust, equal treatment, transparency and confidentiality.

As a network of 30 national Centres, ECC-Net endeavours to ensure effective communication and working relationships between the Centres. Each Centre aims at continuously improving the quality of the services, and increasing visibility individually as much as collectively – being a united, co-working network.

ECC-Net has an additional role, which is that of supporting the improvement of policies and legislations. To that end the Centres collaborate with EU- and national-level authorities by identifying critical consumer rights issues, and anticipating necessary evolutions of the legislative processes. In this way, ECC-Net contributes to strengthening national and EU legal frameworks and implementation of consumer law.