Consumer news

23-01-19 ESTA for the USA

Are you due to travel to the USA? Be vigilant when you apply for an ESTA online. There are various copycat websites on the internet that pretend to be official sites and will charge you more.

04-07-18 Bankruptcy Athleteshop

On 2 July 2018 the court declared the bankruptcy of the Dutch webshop Athleteshop. Did you make a purchase but the order hasn’t been delivered? The ECC gives you advice on what to do.

15-03-17 15/03 is World Consumer Rights Day

At this special occasion, the ECC-Net launches its report on the impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe and publishes 10 tips on how to avoid bying counterfeit on the Internet.

07-02-17 Safer Internet Day

Buying, downloading and networking on the internet: keep it safe thanks to the 5 commandments for safer internet use on this Safer Internet Day.

31-08-16 Brochure: Renting a car in Europe

Want to rent a car? Booking, general terms and conditions, warranty, insurance, inspection of the vehicle, accidents and breakdowns: ECC highlights the correct reflexes in this brochure.

31-08-16 ODR platform: designed for all your online consumer disputes

If you've had a problem with an online purchase, you can use this platform to try to reach an amicable and out-of-court settlement.

30-08-16 went bankrupt. Are you a victim? ECC Belgium explains what you can do to recover your money.

19-01-16 Free download: 'ECC-Net: Travel' App

This App is designed to be a companion for when you travel. It can help overcome difficult situations and assist in exercising your consumer rights in 25 languages and 30 countries.