Car fraud

Be aware of car fraud on the Internet. You would not be the first victim!

An example of car fraud. Suppose you come across an offer for a second-hand car on the Internet. Top model. Bargain price. Perfect condition. In short: the chance of a lifetime!

The car is in Great Britain, but the seller can help you with that. He suggests having the car transported by a transport company for a specific fee, so that you can test it. You pay - possibly by cash transfer - whereupon the buyer and the transport company melt into thin air. You are the victim of fraud. And the car? You will never get to see it.

Be careful and follow these tips

First carry out your own inspection

It is quite easy to avoid being cheated with cars on the Internet: never pay anything before you have thoroughly inspected the car. Not on a screen but for real. With your own eyes. 

If the seller refuses, this should set alarm bells ringing. Cut off contact immediately.

How reliable is the seller?

Checking the reliability of a seller or an offer is advisable if you want to avoid being cheated:

  • Be extra alert when a seller proposes a transport company (see example of fraud with the car and the ‘helpful seller’)
  • Find out about the reputation of seller on the Internet.
  • Be wary of an extremely sharp price compared to other similar models on the market.

Be careful when paying

Be particularly careful during the payment stage. We offer the following recommendations:

  • Never pay the full amount before the car is delivered. Always negotiate an advance payment.
  • Avoid money transfer services such as Western Union. They are insufficiently secure. Use your credit card instead. It will protect you in the event of fraud.