Transporting your car

If you bought your car abroad, you can select any of the following options to transport your car to Belgium:

  • You drive the vehicle yourself to Belgium, using transit or permanent plates.
  • You transport the vehicle on a trailer.
  • You employ a transport company.

Register before import

Normally, and also the most practical thing to do, is to transport your car to Belgium before you register it.

However, you may also reverse this order: if the seller lives quite a distance from you, you can start taking the steps to register your new car in Belgium and then drive it to Belgium with transit or permanent plates. This is only possible with new cars and in so far as customs do not require the physical presence of the car.

Using transit plates

You are allowed to use temporary transit plates to transport your car to Belgium. Apply for them in the country where you bought the car. Feel free to ask the seller to assist you with language problems.

Our European overview table, which shows the details per country, tells you where to collect your plates and for how long they are valid. 

German transit plates: If you intend to transport your car from Germany, remember that there are two types of transit plates: one with a red vertical bar and one with a yellow bar. You are only allowed to use the ‘red’ transit plates (Ausfuhrkennzeichen) to transport your car to Belgium.


You are not allowed to transport your car to Belgium without an insurance policy.

There are two options you can choose from to insure your car during transport:

  • Take out a temporary insurance in the country where you buy the car. For example, with the organisation that provides the transit plates. 
  • Insure your car immediately with your Belgian insurance company.