Your hire car breaks down

Anything is possible on the road: car breakdown, an accident, a traffic offence with your hire car, etc. Avoid any needless stress and find out in advance what you should do in situations such as these. ECC Belgium can help you with this.

Hire car breakdown

Suppose you are driving along and the engine suddenly begins to sputter, while smoke escapes from under the bonnet. Car breakdown!

Immediately contact the support service or the hire company as provided for in the hire contract. Follow the procedure as set out in the contract.

Also check if breakdown of your hire car entitles you to a replacement vehicle.

If your car has broken down and you require technical assistance, and the problems are not caused by your own negligence (ex. wrong tire pressure), you need not pay anything.

Please note: If a lamp suddenly lights up on your dashboard or if the car makes a strange noise, or something else that’s unusual happens, inform the hire company immediately. If you fail to do so, the responsibility for the breakdown of your hire car rests solely with you.

Accident with your hire car: action!

In the event of an accident you must act immediately – in the same way as when your car breaks down.

Always fill in an accident form, which must be signed by both drivers. This is particularly important if you are in the right. Without this document the hire company will automatically hold you responsible and you will receive the repair invoice or have to pay the excess.

Always ask the hire company about the procedure you should follow. And also cover yourself by asking a car mechanic, if possible, for an estimate of the repair cost. It will enable you to challenge any costs the hire company passes on to you.

Traffic fine instead of car breakdown

Even if you drive a hire car, you may receive a ticket for speeding and other traffic offences. Any ticket you receive is passed on to you by the hire company and often you will have to pay administrative charges as well (but only if specifically mentioned in the contract).

The hire company or the authority sends you the original report of the infringement of the highway code. If you want to challenge the fine, follow the objection procedure of the authority that imposed the fine.

If your invoice contains any unjustified costs, ECC Belgium will tell you how to respond.