How to reserve a hire car

Two options to reserve a hire car:

Reserving a hire car in advance


The Internet has many websites that offer hire cars ‘at the most competitive prices’.

There is a difference between actual car hire companies and intermediaries such as brokers and comparison sites. 

The latter only orders a hire car in your name from a hire company, while any problems you encounter during the hire period still have to be addressed to the actual hire company.

At a travel agency

If you have booked an organised holiday, you can also order your hire car through the travel agency. This does, however, usually involve the payment of handling costs.

An advantage, however, is that in the event of problems with your hire car you can contact your travel agent. This is in accordance with the European directive on package travel.

First voucher, then contract

Whether you hire your car online or through a travel agency, you must always follow two steps. First you will receive a voucher, which you hand in at the counter of the hire company. Immediately thereafter, you sign the contract for your hire car.

Reserving a hire car on location

Perhaps you do not like making plans in advance. In that case, you can conclude your hire contract directly at the hire company at the airport, or at the place of your destination. The range of cars you can choose from is slightly more limited but you will have an opportunity to negotiate about the price.