Are you travelling abroad? Would you like to pay for a purchase? Payments can be made as follows:

Payments using your bank card

Payments abroad: which tariffs are applicable?

Are you using your card to make a payment abroad? Or using it to withdraw some money? In that case your bank should never charge more than the cost of a normal national transaction. You will find the tariffs on your financial institution’s website.

Payments in euro using your debit or credit card are usually free of charge in Belgium. 

Would you like to withdraw some money with your bank card – in Belgium or abroad? In that case use your debit card because you will incur additional charges for withdrawing money with your credit card.

Always block a lost or stolen bank card immediately

Has your bank card been stolen whilst you are abroad? Have you lost it? Or has a cash machine withheld it? In such cases call Card Stop on +32 (0)78 170 170 immediately. Keep a record of this number on your mobile or smart phone. Because the sooner you inform Card Stop the quicker you will be protected from fraud.

Do you use an online banking app on your smart phone? And has your phone been stolen? Always inform your bank immediately despite the fact that the app cannot be used without your code.

Cash payments

With some traders you have no option but to pay in cash. Always be vigilant in such cases, because some European countries have set a ceiling for cash payments, whereas others require you to notify customs and excise of cash purchases of more than 10,000 euro.

Always check in detail before making cash payments abroad referring to the ECC-Net interactive card.

Paying with travellers cheques

Most Belgian banks no longer provide travellers cheques. Only American Express and Travelex still sell travellers cheques. You can buy a certain amount in dollars, yen, Pound Sterling or euro and exchange them for cash at your destination. You will be charged for this.

If your travellers cheques are lost or stolen the issuer will replace them – often subject to a charge.

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