Low emission zones in Europe

To improve the quality of the air, certain cities in Europe have low emission zones. This means that whether or not you are allowed to access these zones depends on the emission level of your vehicle. This is the case, for example, in a number of French agglomerations. Find out more about the low emission zones in France.

These rules also apply to foreign travellers! 

The clickable map of ECC France gives an overview of the Low Emission Zones in Europe.

Belgium has also Low Emission Zones (LEZ): AntwerpBrussels and Ghent. Do you drive a vehicle with a foreign number plate that meets the entry requirements? Then you need to register this vehicle on the website from the LEZ you want to enter. You have to do this only once.

Good to know: a website, translated into 34 languages, contains everything you need to know about low emission zones, urban road tolls and urban access restrictions.