Cancellation or delay of your boat trip

Was your boat trip delayed? Or even cancelled? Then you will need to know what to expect. The carrier must thereby immediately (no later than thirty minutes after the scheduled time of departure) inform you of the:

  • estimated times of departure and arrival
  • (any) alternative connections

Your boat trip is delayed: meals and overnight accommodation

Suppose you are facing a delay of more than ninety minutes. Or your boat trip has been cancelled. As a passenger, you are in this case entitled to:

  • free meals, snacks and beverages (in relation to your waiting time)
  • decent, free overnight stay (on board or on land) of at least € 80 per night, up to three nights – except if the cancellation or delay of the boat trip is due to weather conditions that could endanger the safety of the passengers.

Delay of your boat trip: alternative trip or refund

In case of a cancellation of the boat trip, or a delay exceeding ninety minutes, the carrier should also give you the choice between:

  • an alternative journey to the final destination: at no additional cost, under similar circumstances and within the best possible time frame 


  • refund of the ticket and of the part of the trip you have already travelled (in vain), including return transport to the original point of departure, if necessary

Delay of your boat trip: compensation

Did your ship reach its destination late? Then you are entitled to compensation. You will be refunded at least 25 percent of your ticket if your boat trip is delayed. The exact amount depends on the total duration of the journey:

Number of hours of delay at arrival 

For a travel duration of ... 

1 hour
4 hours
2 hours
4 to 8 hours
3 hours
8 to 24 hours
4 hours
more than 24 hours

Is the delay of your boat trip twice as long as the figures in the above table? For example: two hours instead of one hour (for a journey that takes four hours)? Then you are entitled to a refund of 50%.

Delay of your boat trip: no compensation for bad weather

Passengers will not receive compensation for the cancellation or delay of their boat trip in the following cases:

  • in poor weather conditions that could endanger passengers: severe storm, harsh winter, exceptionally high or low tide, hurricane, etc.
  • in extraordinary circumstances that could not be avoided 

The European Union protects you as a passenger. How exactly? ECC Belgium will tell you.