Problems, what now?

Is your hotel affected by building work? Is the pool closed? Has your flight been cancelled? Make sure you know what you are entitled to if your trip is not implemented correctly!

Good to know: The travel operator is responsible for the implementation of all travel services stipulated in the package travel agreement, irrespective of whether they are implemented by the The reseller may also be responsible if the travel operator is based outside the European Union, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein.

Who should you contact?

The contact data of the person or service you can call upon in the event of problems is stated in the package travel agreement, so remember to take it with you on your trip. You can also submit your complaint in writing. Complete the complaints form on location and get it signed by the travel operator’s local representative.

Correct alternative

Can a significant part of the trip not be implemented as planned? If so, the travel operator must provide other suitable travel services of equal or higher quality, unless

  • this is not possible, or
  • is too expensive in relation to the nature of the problem.

Is the alternative of inferior quality? In that case you are entitled to a reduction in price.

You can only refuse the alternative if:

  • it is not comparable to that what is stipulated in the agreement, or
  • the allocated price reduction is insufficient.

Tip: don’t start looking for an alternative straight away yourself, but give the operator the opportunity to propose a solution and keep detailed records of any communications.

Appropriate compensation

Does the problem have a major impact on your package travel arrangement and can the travel operator not resolve it within a reasonable period of time? If so, you can cancel the package travel arrangement free of charge. You will also be entitled to an appropriate reduction in price or compensation.

You are not entitled to appropriate compensation if the travel operator can prove that the problem was caused by:

  • you
  • a third party not involved in the implementation of the travel services and the problem could not be foreseen or prevented, or
  • unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.

Obligation to provide support

Do you find yourself in difficulty during your trip? If so, the travel operator must provide appropriate support, including:

  • providing you with practical information concerning medical services, local authorities and the consulate;
  • assisting you with remote communications and finding alternative travel arrangements.

Note: Is Force Majeure preventing your return? If so, the travel operator must provide additional accommodation for maximum three nights. This three night limit does not apply to disabled people travelling by plane, their carers and pregnant women. Neither does it apply to non-supervised minors and people requiring specific medical support, providing they have notified the travel operator accordingly at least 48 hours before the start of their trip.

Are you affected by the three night limit? If so, contact your airline to find out if they can provide accommodation for the remaining nights.