Timeshare scams: examples

Be sure to be extra careful in the world of timeshares and similar formats. Sales persons and other parties often act as if they are incredibly generous and helpful, but are often only using shrewd marketing practices. In addition to the resale issue, ECC also provides some practical cases:

You are given a free scratch card or trip

You are lazing on the beach, when you are suddenly given a scratch card. By coincidence (!) you win a great prize, which you can collect in a beautiful resort. Once there, cunning salespersons treat you to a hellish presentation on timeshares. This is a scam!

Or you receive an e-mail claiming that you have won an incredible trip to a luxury resort ... Beware!

There is usually only one condition: that you attend an information session. Persistent sales people keep you there as long as they can, and try to overwhelm you with dozens of arguments, so that, in the end, you sign an agreement.

You should therefore not be blinded by the wonderful prizes, because you risk signing a contract for an 'investment' in a timeshare that binds you for a very long period of time. 

Lawyers will stand up for you

Do you have a problem with your timeshare company or with a resale company? The help of a local lawyer often seems very welcome. But its precisely here that some pseudo-lawyers see their chance. They approach you, and propose to defend your rights, with the promise that they are sure to win your case and obtain a good compensation. Unfortunately, they often only extort your money, and then disappear into thin air.