Railway passengers with a disability

If you are a railway passenger with a disability or reduced mobility, you are protected by the European legislation.

What are the rules with which railway companies must comply?

It is forbidden for a railway company to:

  • demand:
    • that you pay extra because of your condition, or
    • that you be accompanied by an attendant, unless this is absolutely necessary
  • refuse:
    • you boarding the train, or
    • to offer free-of-charge assistance when getting on or off the train, if this was requested 48 hours in advance

What happens if the company does this anyway? In this case, as a railway passenger with a disability, you have the right to ask for an explanation in writing. You should do this at best within five working days after the refusal, or the demand that you should be accompanied.

How can you apply for free assistance?

Are you a railway passenger with a disability or reduced mobility, and you need assistance? And have you applied for this at least 48 hours before your departure? Then the railway company must offer you such assistance free-of-charge.

Please note: If no specific time was agreed, a railway passenger with a disability is expected to arrive at least half an hour before departure or check-in.