Travelling with alcohol, tobacco and money

How much tobacco, alcohol and money can you transport in your luggage?

Tobacco and alcohol

Are you travelling within the European Union? Then you are allowed to take tobacco and alcoholic beverages with you in your luggage. But this is restricted to:

  • products for personal use
  • the statutory maximum quantities

An overview:

Tobacco  Limit
Cigarettes 800 pieces
Cigarillos 400 pieces 
Cigars 200 pieces 
Tobacco 1 kg 
10 litres
Fortified wines
20 litres
90 litres, with a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wine
110 litres


You may move freely within the EU with a sum of money below € 10,000. Do you have more with you? In this case, you should check whether you should declare this money with the customs authorities of the countries you depart from, travel through or arrive in.

Are you leaving the EU with an amount of € 10,000 or more? A declaration is automatically required in this case.