Travelling with your dog, cat or another pet

Will you be travelling with your dog or cat? Or will you be taking other pets with you within the European Union? In that case, there are some conditions you must meet. Find out what they are, and start your trip without worries:

What identification does the animal require?

The following conditions must be met if you want to travel with your dog, your cat or another pet (a ferret, for example):

  • your pet requires an implanted electronic chip (unless it has a legible tattoo as identification prior to 3 July 2011)
  • you should apply for a European passport for your pet from a licensed veterinarian

The passport of your pet remains valid for life, and, among other items, states when your dog was vaccinated against rabies. Are you going on a trip with your dog, cat or another animal? Ensure that it is inoculated in good time.

What other requirements should you meet?

Before departure, find out whether any additional conditions apply at your country of destination. More information is available on the website of the FPS Public Health. In some countries:

  • You may only travel with up to five pets.
  • Your pet should be dewormed no earlier than 120 hours, and no later than 24 hours before you arrive at your destination country. 
  • Travelling with a dog, cat or another pet that is less than three months old? This is forbidden – unless your EU destination explicitly permits it.

How should animals be transported?

The current European legislation does not specify the transport of pet animals. Will you be travelling with your dog or cat, for example? In that case, the national law of the member state of destination and of transit will apply. You should also take the contractual provisions of the carrier company into account (e.g. the airlines).

Will you be travelling by plane? An airline decides itself whether it will transport animals or not. Does it allow this? Then it will also define: which animals and on which flights, under what conditions and at what rates.

Please note: You cannot fly to any airport in the United Kingdom with your dog or another pet. Make sure you obtain the proper information before taking your dog or cat on a trip.